Mission of missioncalling

It is the mission of missioncalling to create a conversation about missions for Christ, missionary trends, and the direction of ministry in the United States and this world so that more will come to know and experience our God.  It is our desire that through this site individuals in the body of Christ will be able to find their place in His Great Commission; we will learn from each other how God is moving; we will understand what things have worked in the U.S. and in other nations to move the body of Christ into a deeper, more passionate relationship with our Savior; and we will stimulate a hunger to reach more until all come to the knowledge of Christ.

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In this pursuit, we will discuss the call of God, pastoring today, the church, the body, reaching the unreached, persecutions, miracles, discipling those from an oral culture, theological education, different cultures and how to think like they do, historical successes and failures, the three self and four self church, missionary methods, pastoring trends, and many other topics.  And we invite you to join the conversation.

Articles and insights will be authored by experienced missionaries and pastors and often talk about personal journeys and practices.  This site is set apart for a positive, uplifting, encouraging experience and will not be used as a place to criticize our brothers and sisters. It our hope to unify the body and to lift up and praise our Lord.

That said, we also want to say that it is not formulas that will bring the world into relationship with God, but it is only as people are called by the Holy Spirit and yet, we are called to study and show ourselves approved.  Let’s study together and praise Him and all that He has done.

We invite you to peruse the categories at the right of this post, click on the tabs at the top or read one of our recent posts.  If you don’t find your topic, use our search bar or send us your question or topic.  We will respond. 

 Our current posting schedule for June and July has changed:

There will be a minimum of two posting a week

Wednesdays:  Current trends and topics for a Christian worldview

Saturdays will be a selected topic from one of the following:

Discipleship methods and theological training by extension, both topics and teachings including oral stories for evangelism

Callings, Ministries, and how to find your niche, as well as practical direction to raising funds, incorporating, taxes and records

Resources reviewed and discussed from theology to missions, from “pop” Christian topics to Theological dissertations

Generally the post is published by 6 p.m. eastern time.  Watch for an increase in scheduled posts in August.  There may be other posts presented at varying times.

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