Tell the gospel story easily with The EvangeCube

  The EvangeCube

Category:  Missionary Resources

Level:  Any

Recommended for:  Strongly recommended for Short-term missions groups, Missionaries, Pastors, All believers

This review is a little unusual in that it is not a review of a book, but of a resource that looks something like a toy.  However, the EvangeCube is a highly useful evangelistic tool that anyone can use to tell and repeat the story of salvation.  The cube open and closes folding images over one another to show 7 panels of the gospel of Christ.

In the picture below you see a young Aymara boy from Bolivia using the EvangeCube and repeating the story of salvation that he had just heard moments before.  Rhonda Haynes (MA Intercultural Studies, TEDS) used the cube while witnessing to the young man during a medical mission trip to a village in the Altiplano.  I buy these cubes in lots of ten or more when I am in the states and give them away to my Bolivian pastors.  We use them during medical mission trips during registrations or in small groups when walking through the villages.

The EvangeCube

A Bolivian boy shares the gospel using an EvangeCube

Many times I have been told by those on short mission trips that they want to do something but they don’t know what to do.  Just about anyone can use this.

Order it here and receive your cube before your summer mission trip.

Each cube comes with an instruction sheet on how to use it as a witnessing tool and short explanation of each picture that is easily translated into any language.

Pictured below is also the EvangeCube for Children.  Great for kids to learn how to witness as well as deepen their own understanding of salvation.



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