Missions Dilemma

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If there was a book or a film or a teaching that I wish every American short term missionary and missionary group would read or watch, this would be it.  It’s short but delivers a bunch of information that can open the reader’s mind to new ideas about considering the culture of the target group of where you are ministering.  Missions Dilemma is produced by Steve Saint, missionary to the indigenous in Ecuador and son of the famous, Nate Saint who was a missionary pilot and partner with Jim Elliot. 

DVD and workbook about doing missions right by Steve Saint

DVD and workbook about doing missions right by Steve Saint

The DVD contains 7-30 minute sessions that are reflected in the workbook for discussion in small groups.   The teaching examines the way North Americans do missions and suggests that there may be a better way to reach other cultures.  All too often missionaries, with good intent, want to throw money at another culture by building a church building or helping “fix” what they think are their problems but Saint helps us see a larger picture and imagine their point of view.   In the film, one African minister says, “So many people have come to fix us that, oh, Lord, please don’t bring another person to fix us.” 

“Our goal in this series,” states the author, “is to provide anyone interested in missions with the opportunity to understand what our role in the Great Commission is, and how that role fits in to the larger, global community of believers.”

The American church must wrestle with these issues to make our missionary efforts the best they can be and to birth Christian movements that are self-supporting, self-governing and self-propagating and not dependent upon Americans.  Let’s study and show ourselves approved.  This is a must see for every mission group.


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One comment on “Missions Dilemma
  1. Great topic! It is the same in Australia. Everyone looks at seemingly susfseccul churches and tries to follow their recipe. People do not realize it is who THEY are and what Jesus is doing through them that gives them their distinct flavour and taste in their wider community.Our church’s recipe is Jesus, justice, global missions.

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