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We welcome missionaries and ministries to join us by sending your websites and videos.  Send us your link and a short description about who you are, where you are and what you do.

Missionaries to Bolivia, Ron and Rhonda Haynes are the founders of Lovely Feet Ministries.  They evangelize and disciple the Aymara people of Bolivia in the Altiplano, working mainly among remote villages and partnered with Bolivians, they plant churches and train leaders.  Lovely Feet’s theology of mission is to disciple believers to “make disciples who make disciples” bringing together believers into fellowships that are self-propagating, self-governing, self-supporting and self-theologizing.   Find them at http://www.lovelyfeet.org/


Eric Lovin is a Missionary in Peru and founder of Spirit Led Expeditions, Inc., and together with missionaries Jennifer Smith and Cody Higgins, they are practically sharing the message and love of Christ with the Quechua people of Peru near Cusco.

Their website is at http://spiritledexp.com/Home.html

Spirit Led Expeditions

Spirit Led Expeditions

Cup of Cold Water Ministries led by their Executive Director, Dan Hennenfent, is a sponsoring organization that works with many missionaries.  They are a community-based, non-denominational Christian organization with headquarters in Northern Illinois. CCWM began in 1978 with the modest goal of helping small Bolivian farmers in the lower Andes to have better transportation for their produce. Today, CCWM sponsors ministries in four countries, Bolivia, Thailand, Mongolia, and Mexico.  They also arrange and support short term trips.  More information can be found at their website  http://ccwm.org/

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