Below is a list of links that may help you find what you need.  They are categorized as follows:  Missions, Missionaries, Worldview, Bible Story telling, and Discipleship.


Lovely Feet Ministries, mission work in Bolivia.


MarketFaith Ministries, making worldview practical; studies on worldview.

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One comment on “Links
  1. Dr OlukoyaPlease pray for my husband and I on the fonoiwllg matters:1. Stagnation- in our careers, finances, project, promotion and so on2. Satanic gang up in our marriage from unfriendly friends, in laws from both sides our family3. Hatred- some people just hate us for no reason, this includes people we have helped and those we regard as friends and family members, work colleagues, neighbours and even strangers.4. Satanic dream attacks my husband and I have had dreams where people with guns attempted to shot us but they failed. My husband regularly dream of dead relatives, sexual dreams and so on.5. spirit of infirmity my husband was recently admitted to hospital due to low blood count he had to have an emergency blood transfusion. He’s also diagnose as having Hepatitis B.6. whenever something good is about to happen in our lives the enemy comes in and attacks us in various ways and aborts it.7. Ungoldy delays and procrastination8. Spritual powerlessnessPlease pray for us for deliverance and a turnaround in our lives. We have struggled enough, we tired, we want God to intervene in our case and answer us speedily. God bless you.

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