Jesus for Revolutionaries

Jesus for Revolutionaries by Robert Chao Romero and Michael Mata, Christian Ethnic Studies Press, November 2013

Category: Social Justice

Level:  College

Recommended for:  Pastors, Social Justice organizations, Clergy, Sunday school teachers, Youth Pastors and all Christians

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Robert Chao Romero is Associate Professor of Chicano Studies and Asian American Studies at UCLA, a Pastor and is co-director of the ministry of Christian Students of Conscience, a ministry mobilizing students in the issues of racism and social justice from a Christian perspective.  He has a website at

His book is a cry for social justice and action by Christians of all denominations and political persuasions.  After all, as he would say, it is not about politics, it’s about following Jesus.  He offers a fresh view of old issues that persist in our society and sadly even within the Christian community, and he points the reader in a direction to do something about it.  Chapters address a biblical framework for diversity, race and gender; mixed race issues, undocumented immigration, affirmative action and education issues; the history of Christian social justice and community development.  Appendices include a large resource section and a faith and justice manifesto.

I am not saying that the reader will agree with everything the author says, but it is important to look at what he is saying and determine to take a Christ like attitude.  The book is written in an easy to read format and every topic is followed by a list of questions that work well for group discussions.  Romero does not deal with the issue of homosexuality, abortion, and marriage, but it is a good book to look at other prevalent social issues.  I especially recommend this book for any youth group that is serious about addressing justice in society as a Christian.


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